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Power of A Dollar
30sec. TV

Below is a fun project!  Recently, I had the opportunity to voice this new series of spots. An exercise in storytelling. The audience follows the life of a dollar bill as it makes a big impact. Great concept and very well written and produced by some talented folks.  Always great to work with the agency CJRW in Little Rock! Audio production by Small Pond Audio. Film and visual production by Waymack and Crew Moving Pictures.

After the video, please scroll down to read the gossip! Thank you!

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Projects and Clients: Testimonials

"I love John Isner. I've loved him for more than 15 years. If I could, I'd jump in my car right now and drive to Little Rock to give him a big, manly hug. John's one of my ringers. He gives me exactly what I want, as well as some extra stuff that it turns out I need. Every time. The only downside to a session with John Isner is they never last long enough. He nails it and before you know it, it's all done. The fun times are over. So I do what I can to write another spot for John to record as soon as possible"

Brian Winkeler, Principal Partner, Robot House

"When you hire John Isner to read your script, you'll have a huge range of voices at your fingertips. John is one of the most versatile voice actors I've worked with. His voice spans the spectrum from soft, sincere narrator to a whole range of colorful comic characters. In a world of one-trick-ponies, John brings the whole rodeo."

Brent Walker, Founder, Soundscapes Inc.

"A session with Mr. Isner is always something I look forward to, for the highly entertaining banter that we always have time for because he knocks out the voiceover project part so quickly---3 takes would be a lot for John! He is a pleasure to work with!"

Mark Elmore, CEO & Creative Head, Gaga Marketing

"John is such a talented, intelligent, kind, strong, handsome and grounded young man. Why can't you be more like him?"

Your Mom

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